hoto Credit:  E Edgar lacour

hoto Credit: EEdgar lacour

About us

Tino Boats’ story is the dream of a man, Tino Lacour, a seaman to the core, with an endless passion for the sea. 

Twenty-five years ago, a simple fisherman, Tino, saw an opportunity in the booming number of visitors going through his picturesque village of fishermen, Trou D’eau Douce on the east coast of Mauritius. He started to propose small outings in his modest pirogue where he would cruise his customers in an idyllic landscape of sandy beaches and turquoise water.  

Year after year, Tino Boats has strived to offer quality services to you, its esteemed customers, and has built a solid experience enthusiastically serving you.  A quarter century after its modest beginning, Tino Boats, still family-owned, now offers exquisite speedboat cruises, authentic wooden yacht cruises and catamaran cruises around the amazing and colourful east and south-east coast lagoons.