Parasailing - with Tino Boats

Are you an amateur of exciting thrills and want to experience unique sensations? This parasailing adventure is for you!

Get in gear for a one of a kind experience with Tino Boats who will take you to the heights of the east coast of Mauritius.

Au rendezvous: Everything for the pleasure of your eyes. The take-off causing a pure rush of adrenaline, will make you discover a beautiful scenery of the bluish masses of the lagoons of the east and the magnificent beaches. A landscape that will leave you awestruck.

Of course, all the necessary is done to guarantee your safety.

This wonderful experience can be tried alone and enjoy this moment of peace, tranquility and freedom in the air, ideal for an escape from everyday life, or by two and enjoy this unique experience with your partner.

This activity cannot be missed, especially if you are on holiday in Mauritius.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.